Sunday, March 25, 2012

Military Expo Kick Off Party Recap!

Today was the the kick off party for the Military Expo! Events kicked off at 10 am slt with a 2 hour event with DJ Anakin and Host Cathlace from Amelias' Pilot Lounge! After the event, guests were treated to a special Aerosmith Tribute Band Concert.  Everyone danced and sang along to some of their favorite Aerosmith tunes:

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Of course Aerosmith is awesome enough but, guests were delighted even more with a special aviation event form the 23rd Wing! The 23rd Fighter Wing demonstrated its combined arms capabilities by repelling an attempted Soviet invasion of Kunming Air Base. The event featured air-to-air combat with jet fighter aircraft, rescue and combat helicopters, heavy lift aircraft, tanks and other armored vehicles, and infantry/paratroops. We were lucky enough to Live Stream this event on our official Live Stream channel and to also post it on Youtube for everyone to view:

Kudos to the 23rd Wing for an awesome event and for flying myself, several SL reporters, and members of the Relay for Life in SL team today!

And despite all the fun, the day was not over yet...the partying continued well into the night, with a special two hour performance with DJ Anakin making a return, this time with Host Lilly and the Second Life Cheerleading Squad (SLCS)! The SLCS performed a variety of stunts and demonstrated why they are the best cheerleading squad in SL!

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Special thanks to all our members, guests, and exhibitors for being patient throughout the sim problems we had and for partying with us throughout the day! Join us tomorrow for another jam packed fill day of events and exhibitions!


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